Invited Talks

We are proud to announce the following invited talks at the 2008 Robotics: Science and Systems.

Invited Dinner Speaker
Luis von Ahn
Carnegie Mellon University

"Human Computation"

Howard Berg
Harvard University

"Motile Behavior of E. Coli, a Remarkable Robot"

Jean-Louis Deneubourg
Université Libre de Bruxelles

"Shared Decision Making in Mixed Societies of Animals and Robots"

Armin Gruen
ETH Zurich

"Positioning, Modeling and Navigation with Photogrammetric Techniques"

Kevin O'Regan

"How to Build Consciousness into a Robot: the Sensorimotor Approach"

Miguel Nicolelis
Duke University

"Computing with Neural Ensembles"

Toshio Yanagida
Osaka University

"Mechanism Involved in Utilizing Thermal Fluctuations by Muscle Molecular Motor"